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She Has A Golden Heart

You sneaked into my heart with just a simple “Hi.” You captured my heart, body soul and mind. Since that time, I’ve never been the same again; I breathe you and think about you, I don’t know if I’m insane. You show so much care, that I can’t comprehend; You care when I am sick, […]


Your Sour Sweet Love

I speak the truth And you call me a liar I show you love Wishing we could be together You fill my belly with hatred I’m now left with feeble legs I can’t believe the time I’ve wasted Trying to make you mine Now, I don’t want to talk your talk  I just want to […]

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    A time is coming, When I may  see the beauty and Sights of this world no more. Would you be my eye?   A time is coming, When I can hear you no more, No matter how hard you scream. Would you be my ear?   A time is coming Surely, it will, […]

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