Are you who you are?


Read this question from the first word to the last, or from the last word to the first, it means the same thing! “Are you who you are?” How many times have you been asked this question? Have you ever asked yourself, “Who am I?” You can be anyone! The last time I asked myself this  question, the only honest answer I could give was to say that, “I am the most unstable person on the planet earth. Today I’m this, Tomorrow I’m that!” No, wait a minute! You are also like that? Oh gosh, I thought I was in this alone. I never knew you have also been going through this, all these while.

So tell me, what honest answer can you give when you are asked this simple but impregnable question: Who are you? Have you ever been asked this question? Really? So what was your answer? Oh, you don’t want to tell me? Well, I will tell you my answer, but before that, let me get some things straight.

What really defines you? Is it how others think you are? Is it how you think you are? Is it how you think others think you are? Or is it how others think you think you are? Interesting questions, huh? Wait a minute! I have not finished with my questions. Are you defined by what you have? Are you defined by the number of friends you have? Are you defined by what you don’t have?

You are not defined by what others think you are. I don’t think they were consulted before you came to this world. They did not know you before you came to this world, so they cannot tell you exactly who you are! They may try, but they can’t.

What you really are is kept within you. It is so deep that sometimes you can’t even find it yourself. What you really are has been covered with all that you’ve experienced in life; love, hatred, pain, joy, sorrow, happiness, bitterness, sweetness, all those experiences you can think of. It will take some ‘extrinsic super powers’ to bring out who you really are. What defines you is not something that others can see. It is something within, an inner character.

I think the best answer I gave, when I was asked this question was “NOBODY”. Yeah, Nobody! What were you expecting me to say? Why did I say that? It’s because  someone saw me talking with my friends this morning, and he called me an extrovert and a very garrulous person. Another person saw me just this afternoon  in the company of the same friends, and labeled me as a reserved person. So if you ask these two people who I am, what will they tell you?

Circumstances and situations can make us display who we really are, or who we are not. So the next time you are asked this question, “Who are you?”, take a deep breath, look into the face of the person and tell him or her that, “I can be anyone”. If you want to please him or her, tell him or her that, “who I really am is within, and it is so deep that I cannot find it that very moment. So I don’t know who I am”.


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