Dwelling on the Past

Two men were complaining about their wives. “When we quarrel,” said the first man, “my wife becomes historical.”
His friend replied, “Don’t you mean hysterical?”
“No,” the first responded, “I mean historical. She reminds me of everything I ever did wrong.”



I know that may sound a bit funny but it is true at times.



Sometimes we live our whole lives by remembering all the bad things we did in the past or we remember all the hurting times that happened in the past.



There were somethings that I went through in the past that I really do not like to think about but yet many times I find myself reliving those horrible moments.



We need to live in the Present and not in the past. Whatever happened back then cannot be changed. Whatever people said about you cannot be unsaid. We need to just let all those hurts and wrong things we had done go.



We need to let it go. Stop holding on to those things.



Jim Rohn says that the greatest pull on your life should be the pull of the future.



No matter what your past says, you just need to learn from it and take the lessons that you think it was designed to teach you. Stop dwelling on the past and start looking to the future.



You can achieve what you want to achieve if you will just set your mind on it and begin to work each day on it. If someone told you that you would never amount to nothing then prove them wrong.



We don’t need to allow what happened back then to control how we live in the present. If someone told you back then that you were ugly then who cares???? They know nothing about you or what type of person you are.



You are responsble for creating the life that you want to live in and you would never be able to live that life while you are still dwelling on the Past.



Is there something from the past that has been haunting you for quite some years. Just let it go.



Leave a comment below and share with us, what you are going to let go from the past!!!


Article source: http://www.brianramdhan.com
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