It was a sunny Sunday morning. Everyone in the community was outside because they couldn’t stand the heat in their rooms as a result of the scorching sun. Whilst some elders were sitting under a tree, some children were on the playground, playing. Aren’t they feeling the heat of the sun? I supposed they have been absorbed too much in their games to the extent that they can’t even feel the intensity of the heat.


I was in my room alone. The only movement I could make was to open my eyes and gaze at the ceiling. I could feel pains all over my body. All I could hear was whispers. I was sweating profusely. My shirt has been soaked in the sweat. “Why are you in this state?”, you ask. The only thing I remember was that, I was in a farm, and I was attacked by something. What attacked me, I cannot tell, unless I ask Yoofi. He was right there with me in the farm, when the incident happened.


I saw someone smearing my body with a sticky substance. He did this amidst incantation. I started feeling better, few minutes later. I could now talk, lift my hand, sit on the mat,stand up…and amazingly, I could walk. I was asked not to engage myself in any vigorous activity for the next three days. So I remained indoors.


I could hear someone shouting on top of her voice, outside our house. One can easily tell that this person is very furious. Who could this be? Who or what is pissing her off? I asked Danko to go and see who this person is, and possibly find out what has caused her to be so angry. He quickly dashed out of my room, and returned immediately. “What is the matter with you? Didn’t I send you?”, I asked Danko. He was breathing so fast that, he couldn’t even utter a word. His behaviour made me also a bit frightened. But I could still hear this woman shouting, ranting and venting her frustration. This time, I could hear her clearly because she had entered our compound. I know this voice, but not in this tone!” I said to myself. That was my mother. But why was Danko running?


I decided to go out there and find out myself. When I opened the door, I saw a dead lizard lying helplessly on the floor. “So this is what you are afraid of, a dead lizard?”


What are you doing out here? my mother asked me.
“I just came out to see who you are quarreling with”.
“I went to Yoofi’s house,but they were lucky I did not meet anyone there. I would have ‘given it to them’. I do not blame them for bringing up a criminal, but I will not sit idle for the criminal to cause havoc in my household”.
“A criminal? Who can this be?”, I asked.
“Oh that Yoofi who nearly sent you to your grave! Am I the one who gave him those “weed” to smoke?”


Until that day, I had never seen my mother so angry. She was as angry as a raging bull. She was ready to do anything to protect me, her only son. She loved me so much that, she did not want anyone to hurt me. She was ready to do anything, rational or irrational, to guard and guide me. This is what I call love! You would even do more than that, if you were in her shoes. It was then that I realized that my mother could get really mad!




By Kwabena Dwomoh


Don’t forget to leave a comment. I would like to know your thoughts about my story: criticisms, complaints, observations and complements are all welcomed!



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