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5 Powerful Ways To Express Your Ideas And Opinions Clearly

Are you fed up with struggling to express your thoughts and opinions? These days, people want to talk and not listen! No one wants to be a shadow in the crowd. Having your thoughts and opinions heard is a priority. The very achievement of being able to express yourself, and more importantly, be listened to […]


5 Bad Family Habits To Get Rid Of

You may or may not have noticed but your family as a unit has its habits. And your family’s habits are a mix of your individual habits. This is why your family’s habits are different from another family’s habits. Family habits are one reason some families are more successful and get along better than other […]

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Successful Leaders Top 10 Skills

Struggling to achieve success? Maybe you need to hone some skills. What skills exactly? Well, after some intensive reading and study of successful leaders in business, industry, government, and personal development, I’ve found that there are 10 core skills that the most successful leaders all share. While these leaders may not be masters of every […]

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Perfectionism Holding You Hostage? Break Free with These 3 Powerful Time Tips

One of the great illusions about perfectionism is that it is the pursuit of excellence. Nothing could be further from the truth. Excellence is stymied and smothered by perfectionism. As artist and writer Julia Cameron has written: “Perfectionism is not a quest for the best. It is a pursuit of the worst in ourselves, the […]

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