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How to Recover from a Bad Mood

In a column about relationships, it’s easy to overlook that the number one person you must always relate to is yourself. Yet, sometimes, when circumstances make us veer off our usual course, we get irritable, pessimistic and just plain old down in the dumps. Here are some tips to help you strengthen your positive coping […]

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What is the meaning of irreplaceable? I was sitting under a tree one day when this word suddenly bumped into my head, “irreplaceable.” I have heard so many people use this word in conversation. One particular period people use the word “irreplaceable” is when a prominent person or a loved one dies. You may hear […]

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Are you Jesus?

I didn’t realize it at first, but they happened on the same day. On Saturday morning I am taking a walk with a friend. We cover our familiar route, knowing the circuit automatically in our steps. We are on the home stretch of the walk, moving down a country lane, all green and leafy. Out […]

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Best Skin Care Tips That Can Help You To Keep Your Healthy Skin All Year Round

Everyone’s skin can dry out, even if you have oily skin. When those seasons change and the air begins to dry out and the winter starts to rear its ugly head, the weather can do a real number on your face, hands and on other parts of your body. If you’re worried about dry skin, […]

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HOW TO PREPARE FOR EXAMS: Tips and Tricks For students

I saw this article somewhere that I can’t remember, and I thought it would be helpful to share. There is no short cut to success, this is the first thing you should remember. For this reason you have to study well first of all. But the preparations are different for different types of exams. Some […]

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Don’t Worry About Results

Have you ever watched people bowl? Many of them go through a little ritual before they actually get to the point of hurling their bowling ball in the direction of the pins. They carefully lace up their bowling shoes, and then the hunt for the perfect bowling ball begins. They may put on a bowling […]

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