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The 11/11 Process For Healing Self Practical Exercise for Changing Negative Belief Systems Into Positive Beliefs

Can’t Get What You Want Out Of Life? Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we simply can’t seem to break through from an area of life that we are struggling with, which causes us to continually experience things such as lack of money, or inability to gain love and support. There Is A Way […]

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10 Ways to Instantly Build Self Confidence

Self confidence is the difference between feeling unstoppable and feeling scared out of your wits. Your perception of yourself has an enormous impact on how others perceive you. Perception is reality — the more self confidence you have, the more likely it is you’ll succeed. Although many of the factors affecting self confidence are beyond […]

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The Most Tragic Addiction

In my experience and observation the most tragic and insidious of all addictions is the addiction to suffering. The clinical definition of addiction is “compulsive repetition of a known behavior with adverse consequences.” In other words addiction is repeatedly engaging in actions that knowingly cause adverse results. There are two persistent issues connected with addictions, […]

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