have you asked yourself what the hell you are doing on this earth? have you asked yourself why you are on this earth? why did you come to this earth at all? who brought you here?

know that, you are here for a purpose. you were created to accomplish a task. you are here on earth to make a remarkable impression..to make an indelible mark. no matter how you see yourself, people expect much from you, your family, friends, neighbors, even your  enemies. what do you have for them; peace or war, praise or insult, encouragement or discouragement, progress or retrogress, hypocrisy or honesty, sycophancy or sincerity? you are here on earth to improve the world and the lives in it. this is why you are here! stop giving excuses for your for your inefficiencies and your negligence. you can do it! begin from the scratch…and keep on scratching. change your mentality. your attitude towards life will determine life’s attitude towards you. there are so many things you can improve in this world. if nothing at all, you can improve upon your life. i can’t tell much about what will happen tomorrow…all i can tell you is to use the opportunity you have  today. you are younger today than you will ever be, make good use of it for the sake of tomorrow

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